Where’s the Small Business Chiropractor?

Do you
run or work for a small business? You’re not alone. Typically, small business
represents the largest portion of any community’s business base. We provide over
50 percent of the gross national product and over 65 percent of all net new

Here are
some statistics from the SBA.

  • We create more than 50 percent of the United State’s non-farm private domestic product.
  • We form the majority of the 4.1 million minority-owned and 6.5 million women-owned companies.
  • Generated 26 percent of all export value.
  • Employ over 50 percent of the U.S. non-farm private sector workers.
  • We represent more than 25 million firms.
  • Produce between 13 to 14 times as many patents per employee than large R&D firms.

If small
businesses are the backbone of America then why do our politicians focus most of their efforts on bringing in big business to the community and states? Why do they give multi-million dollar concessions to large companies but seldom support small business except with their words?

How do
you organize 25 million independent firms? Is it too much like herding cats?
Are we our worst enemy? If we’re the backbone where’s the chiropractor when we
need one?

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