Who Cares If You Have Thousands of Followers

For the last few years, I have gotten lots of spam from people claiming to have all the secrets to making millions on the Internet. The same people (or their clones) are now doing the same thing now on Twitter. They will tell you they have the secret to getting thousands of followers.

So what!

Who wants thousands of "followers" when they don't know you, you don't have a relationship with them and it is highly unlikely they are bothering to actually follow you. Better to build your own small community of people a few at a time. You can do that by providing interesting content. The same thing goes for blogs, websites, email, direct mail, letters, notes and phone calls.

Wanting to say you have thousands of followers is like a golfer who cheats by turning in lower scores so he can have a lower handicap for vanity purposes. It hurts the golfer and anyone who plays with him. However, it helps his competition which makes the behavior even more stupid.

Be compassionate, honest, speak from your heart and have your "followers" best interests in your mind in your communications and interactions. That's how you'll get people to really follow you. That's why people will be willing to send you money. And, that's how I think all businesses (Internet or otherwise) need to operate.

Want to see a wonderful example of someone who really knows how to communicate with people with compassion and honesty. Take a look at Havi Brook's site – The Fluent Self. You can also meet her business partner, Selma, who is a rubber duck. Now you have to look!

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