Who Is Selling?

Several months ago I got the idea I'd like to have plantation shutters on the inside of some of our home windows rather than curtains or drapes. I had seen some I liked and tracked down the manufacturer's web site to look for a distributor. I was happily surprised to learn there is one less than 3 miles from my home.

I stopped in one day and was greeted by the owner. He told me the lady who handled that line was out sick but promised to have her call me. I didn't understand why someone else couldn't help me but I went along with the program. Eventually she called but I wasn't home so I found her voice mail. It took me a while to call back and when I did I found out she was home sick again. Not too long after that I was driving by the store and had time so I stopped in again.

Guess what – nobody was there to help me. I got the owner again and he explained they all had specialties. Now most people would have given up and gone someplace else. I have two big-box stores just as close and I know both of them sell and install window treatments. But, I wanted to see how this would eventually work out.

The fact is that it never did "work out." I had left my business card on the last visit and spent some time with the owner including giving him a lead for a bed and breakfast owned by a friend. B&B's were his specialty. I was sure he'd have his employee get right on the job and she would offer to come by with samples and measure for the installation.

I never heard back. Now a lot of things could have happened that prevented her from contacting me. But, there is no excuse for a company to market and not sell. And, yet, I experience it all the time. Why would you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a store, overhead, employees, and marketing to get me to respond and not be ready to sell when I'm ready to buy?

Selling is a people business. You need to know how to make people comfortable, how to gain their trust, how to ask questions, what questions to ask and then listen. You're going to be a whole lot more successful by listening the person into a sale than trying to talk them into it.

The ultimate success of your business is in the hands of the people who communicate with and sell to your customers. From the waiter at the local diner to the top software salesperson at the number one software company these people make all the difference in your sales revenue.

Hire the best. Give them the support they need. And, when you find someone extraordinary reward them like they are your partner.

Because whether you know it or not – they are.

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  1. Obviously this small business has a problem, but the manufacturer also has one. You went to their site and were directed to someone who didn’t represent them very well. Does the big box sell this particular shutter or a different brand? Either way, they may loose a sale. Remember, your “partner” maybe someone you don’t even know.

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