Who’s the Gatekeeper?


One of the people most salespeople overlook the most is the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper can be anyone—a receptionist, an intern, an IT guy, a temp, or an assistant. It doesn’t matter. They’re the ones who know the details about the company, their boss, the decision maker and the industry. They’re the ones who keep the appointment book, take the phone calls, buy the flowers, and collect the money for baby showers, wedding gifts and funerals. They’re the heart and soul of a company because they keep things running.

If you do nothing else, learn to identify the gatekeeper. Win their heart and their loyalty and you win the opportunity to present your product. I don’t mean flatter, manipulate or woo them. I mean listen to them. Respect them. Learn from them. They often know the business as well or better than the owner. They certainly know the challenges and problems better. And, after all, that’s what you’re there to do isn’t it? Help your client solve challenges and problems?

The aim is to truly reach the gatekeepers, those who are astride the doorways of influence and power. ~ Os Guinness

photo compliments of Iago A. R.

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