Why Do People Do The Things They Do?

The topic of today’s podcast is why do people do the things they do? That’s the big question isn’t it? And, if we can answer that question is it possible to change the things we do?

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The Watercooler Hangout Podcast

Season 03 Episode #02

Why Do People Do The Things They Do?

Welcome to the Watercooler Hangout podcast, where I chat with influential and successful sales and marketing gurus, entrepreneurs, and creative people just like you as we share real-life stories about sales, marketing, leadership, and creativity. Listen in and learn the best advice on how to move your business to the next level!


The Greatest Management Principle in the World

In short, the principle speaks about the things that get rewarded, get done. Two fundamental forces motivate people: the desire to move from pain or towards pleasure. Pain is a short-term motivator, but we need to strive toward pleasure to have long-term gains. They also cause a “yo-yo” pattern in people. Belief is the most important factor with this principle.

Using Pain and Pleasure to Achieve Our Goals

To make value and behavioral changes, the pleasure motivation must be engaged. If we want to reach our goals, it’s helpful to know what the pain of not achieving our goals is going to be. Remember that when creating goals, pleasure is the real long-term solution for motivation.

Sales and Marketing Rewards

Sales is the one business function most commonly rewarded and punished. Sell more and get paid more. Because the average salesperson responds to rewards, many companies offer multiple reward tiers for those in sales.

Listen in as I talk about why money isn’t the best reward, why recognition is an important reward, and how you can change if you are unhappy with your behavior. 

Learn why our personal values determine why we do what we do and why our personal values are formed by our beliefs. 

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