Why You Must Be On Twitter

I know – you don't "get" Twitter. What can you do with 140 characters and who the heck reads this stuff anyway. Actually, two very important ways to employ Twitter is to use it:

  • to solve a problem or get the attention of a non-responsive company or vendor
  • to answer questions, solve problems, and build relationships for your company.

Let me tell you a story. A few weeks ago, I was having a problem getting the information I needed to make a decision about a service I had just started using. I tried calling customer service. It seems they don't talk on the phone and handle all their questions through FAQ and email. So, I sent an email. And, then I waited. Two days later, I sent another email. Still no response.

I then called someone who I knew was a customer and asked him how to get someone's attention. He told me their product is great but their customer service leaves something to be desired. "No kidding." I thought.

Then I remembered that a couple of months earlier I had started following this particular company on Twitter. I was looking for some initial information about them so back then I Tweeted "Does anyone have experience with XYZ company?" I immediately got a message back from someone at the company who was following Tweets.

So, once again, I tweeted to the Twitter world and asked if anyone knew how to engage with this particular company to get a problem solved. I made sure I wasn't snarky and only voiced frustration that they were not responding.

Within a couple of minutes I had a direct message from the company apologizing and asking me the nature of my problem. After discussing my questions, my Twitter contact made sure the right person contacted me. And, they also followed up to make sure I was satisfied.

Since then I have asked some of my colleagues if they knew of similar experiences and I've gotten two more stories about how putting your request or issue out to the Twitter world gets immediate attention.

You need to be on Twitter. Not only to use the leverage of the Twitter world to get someone's attention when you can't get to them directly but also to be there to help your customers and the general public with their questions and problems.

If someone is Tweeting about your company and you're not on Twitter, you're not likely to know or ever respond in a timely fashion. That could be a business and potential relationship killer.

So, dive in. You don't need to sit around Tweeting all day.

But, you need to be there.

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