Wine and Food – Sales and Marketing

I often
get asked why I focus on both sales and marketing when many other consultants
specialize in one or the other. I tell them that I don’t know how you separate
them. It’s sort of like having a glass of wine without some great food.

My first
business was as a professional photographer. I still enjoy it as a different
kind of creative outlet these days. I soon realized that as a freelancer and
later a studio based photographer that I was not going to last long in business
if I didn’t figure out how to get people in the door. And, so my introduction
to marketing began.

If you
are in sales or own your own business, you are also the Chief Marketing
Officer. You have to be constantly marketing. By the way, I hate prospecting
and gave it up about 25 years ago when I determined that if I had a consistent
marketing program, I would never have to prospect again. You want people to
come to you because of referrals and because you’ve created a remarkable
product, service and company.

is the key! Even when you are busy doing all the other “stuff” your job
requires you have to be marketing. Take advantage of technology. Use
e-newsletters, email, direct mail, public relations, and networking. Write
thank you notes. Even with my terrible handwriting, I still send out notes on a
regular basis.

of technology, I had my very best handwriting turned into a font that I can use
on my computer to “handwrite” letters. Use the right printer and ink color and
you’ll come very close to handwritten which is a blessing if your handwriting
is as bad as mine. I used this company and they were fantastic with their

Not all
those things will be everyone’s cup of tea (For example, I hate formal
networking events.) but use some of them and use them frequently.

In order
to really be good at marketing, you can’t stop learning. People who tell me
they never read a book or don’t have time to learn about new technology are out
of touch with today’s business reality and will be left behind. Get out of your
own world. Go find the cheese and wine and team up with some people who are
also in business or sales and brainstorm with them.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to ask a professional for help. Entrepreneurs,
salespeople, and business owners are all guilty of the lone wolf syndrome that
convinces they can do it alone. You’ll accelerate both your learning and your
profits by working with professional business consultants.

Lastly, find something you enjoy doing that allows you to be creative. It will open your mind to all kinds of possibilities for your business once you stop thinking business all the time. I still
engage in photography as a hobby – click here to see.

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