Inspiration and Motivation with Eli Marcus

Inspiration and Motivation with Eli Marcus

Episode S4E17: Show Notes

Eli Marcus

Today’s guest is Eli Marcus, who is the Executive Director of Davler Media Group, the publisher of New York City’s largest circulation visitor magazine, City Guide, and has spent five decades working with businesses in the hospitality industry.

He is the host of the Motivation Show Podcast, where he interviews the world’s best motivational speakers, New York Times bestselling authors, alternative health experts, mega-successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, and more.

As the former CEO of The Seminar Center, the premiere seminar company in the United States, Eli hosted numerous notable celebs and experts in all fields and, as a motivational speaker, he has spoken to tens of thousands of people on everything from essential secrets for success to how to be the number one salesperson in your industry.

He has also likely sold more advertising at a local level than anyone in the world, which makes him uniquely qualified to discuss the art of salesmanship, which he does in today’s episode.

Listening in, you’ll find out why Eli believes in learning the hard way and the importance of differentiating yourself from the crowd. He also emphasizes the value of building relationships, fostering collaboration, and providing value, and explains why you should embrace discomfort, never stop learning, and consider yourself the expert in your field. Tune in today for all this and so much more in an inspiring and motivational discussion with Eli Marcus!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Eli explains what he means when he says he has made 30,000 cold calls.
  • Hear why he believes that the more people you call on, the more you learn about what works.
  • The importance of setting yourself apart from the thousands of other salespeople out there.
  • Find out how Eli came to be known as the world’s greatest advertising salesman.
  • Understanding what Eli calls the art of getting in front of somebody.
  • The benefits of having limitations and learning everything you can from the greats.
  • Why the word ‘selling’ is often misunderstood and the value of building relationships.
  • How collaboration and creating personal connections makes a great salesperson.
  • Why providing value, under promising, and over delivering should be your modus operandi.
  • Why your best customer is someone who has already bought from you.
  • Eli shares his passion for motivational speaking and helping people improve their lives.
  • Learn how his speaking career has been affected by COVID and how he has taken advantage of recent virtual opportunities.
  • Why Eli believes that continuous learning is key and how his podcast helps him do that.
  • His advice for overcoming imposter syndrome; appoint yourself as the expert.
  • Find out what is next for Eli, including getting on as many speaking stages as possible.
  • How he is helping others change their mindset through his motivational talks.
  • The importance of realizing that things going wrong is just part of the process.
  • The powerful education you can give yourself just by listening to free podcasts.


“The more people you call on, the more education you get because the more you learn what doesn’t work. Then you learn what does work and you can tweak and adapt. The only way is putting your feet to the fire, getting out there, and learning the hard way.” — @TheEliMarcus [0:04:24] 

“Sometimes having limitations is your best friend because it makes you hungrier and you go out there and fight harder to adapt and figure out the system.” — @TheEliMarcus [0:11:45] 

“If you can get people to like and trust you, they are going to buy from you a lot easier.” — @TheEliMarcus [0:14:00] 

“In order to progress in life, you have to do the things that make you feel uncomfortable. You’ve got to put your head in the lion’s mouth.” — @TheEliMarcus [0:21:06]

“You get to decide whether you belong [there] or not. If you decide that you are an imposter, guess what? You are an imposter. If you decide that you’re legitimate, guess what? You are legitimate.” — @TheEliMarcus [0:26:27]

“If you don’t have a tough hide, you don’t belong as an entrepreneur. Things are going to go wrong and you have to realize it’s just part of the process. Don’t get caught up in the end result.” — @TheEliMarcus [0:32:42] 

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