Woody Allen Is Wrong

Woody Allen says that 80% of success in life is "just showing up."

"Just showing up" isn't going to work anymore. It hasn’t worked for some time, but as long as the status quo is maintained, people will think "just showing up" is good enough. Sorry, but it isn't – from here on out.

Today, you need to be extraordinary. You need to hire and retain extraordinary people. Your company, products, and services must be extraordinary. Your ability to listen to your customers must be extraordinary. Your interactions and communication with them need to be extraordinary, too.

Take it or leave it" isn’t going to work. The customer has many, many choices besides you. Interruption advertising won’t work and neither will manipulative sales and marketing techniques.

You have one choice, and it's to be extraordinary.

In fact, that’s just the beginning. Because you’re only extraordinary if your clients, customers, and prospects think you are.

It's up to you to persuade them. Not by twisting their arms, but by really listening to them, connecting with them as human beings, and caring about what they have to say.   

Your clients deserve it.

But don't forget that you do, too.

2 thoughts on “Woody Allen Is Wrong”

  1. Bob – I LOVE THIS POST! I couldn’t agree more with you my friend.
    Average is just that…average. You must be GREAT or you will be left behind.
    Thank you so much for the reminder and the nudge for those not sure.

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