Would You Quit?

Lots of people want to be thinner, richer, fitter, happier, sexier, etc..
Many want their children to have great educations.
Others have dreams of being self-employed, building a company, or being exceptional at a sport or other activity.

Only a handful of people are willing to do the work to change.
Only a handful are willing to really sacrifice for change.
Only a handful are willing to keep going when they feel like quitting – when everyone tells them to give up.

Instead they look for a surgeon to change their body.
They change their job, their spouse and their friends instead of changing themselves.
A doctor can make them feel happy. And, if she can't, alcohol and recreational drugs might work.
And, the internet is great for finding the latest get-rich-quick idea.

They complain about government but don't vote.
They want authority but no responsibility.
When they fail it's never their fault.
When their child is lost they blame everyone else.

What if someone could tell you with certainty that you're only a year, a month, or a week away from success?
What if you knew you couldn't fail?
What if your vote was the one that made the difference?
What if your children could grow up safe, loved and loving?

Would you be willing to do the work?
Would you be willing to sacrifice now?

Or, would you quit?

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