Does your company have a blog?

Are you using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media for your business?

You need to be. You already know that.

But, do you know you need to wrap a strategy around how you are using all these amazing tools?

And, do you know you need to measure the results?

Otherwise, you're wasting a lot of time and you're going to give up.

And, that would be very wrong.

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3 thoughts on “Wrong”

  1. Good questions, Jodi. I like to measure visits, page/visits, average time on site, the percent of new visits, and if these are trending up or down. Then I want to know who is linking to me, are my inbound links growing. On the blog I want to know what posts people visit more often because it gives me an idea of what is important to them. Often when I think I’ve written this really awesome post I find that I’m alone in that opinion. And, another one will surprise me by attracting a potload of traffic because people are passing it around to each other.
    I want to know where my traffic is coming from and what keywords people are using to find me. For example, I know that people find me almost as frequently using organic search as they do typing in a URL. I know that with social media Twitter is the number one referrer. I also know that a friend’s site is my top referrer other than Google and direct Organic search. I know that Bing gets me more traffic than Facebook which I find very interesting. And, I know that your site is my 26th ranked referrer over the past two months. (Thank you!)
    I then use all that information as part of my strategy to attract more interest and to give more value to readers. I then tweak my sites using that information. I spend time listening to the people who are listening to me.

  2. Wow, ask a couple of questions and get a whole extra bonus post! 🙂
    The traffic I get from Bing is odd. The other day I got a click from someone who wanted to fix a broken cake?!
    Number 26?! We can do better than that… I put a link to you in a post yesterday. 🙂

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