You Are Your Story

If you’ve never seen Michael Israel perform, you might want to catch him sometime. You can see some of what he does on his web site. He’s a performance artist who creates unbelievable portraits live on-stage in an unbelievable short amount of time.

It’s quite a show. He wears a tux to start and uses both hands and two brushes at time. There is music pumping up the audience and sometimes he uses pyrotechnics. Often he just uses his hands and fingers to paint. He gets covered in paint and the tux gets shed. The canvases are huge and he paints them upside down and spinning around and – Oh you get the idea!

At one point after finishing an amazing portrait of John Lennon, Michael addressed the crowd, which consisted of professional speakers, and said these words. “It’s not the medium you use that matters. It’s all about the message. It’s all about your passion and love for what you do.”

He went on to say that if you arrived to give a speech and your props or materials had been lost, you’d still be able to deliver to the customer because it is about the message and the message is inside of us.

Think about that as you put together your marketing and sales programs. Salespeople always want the latest support materials, software, equipment – you name it. Marketing always wants an increased budget for delivering the message.

Both would be better off concentrating on the story and making it so captivating and so exciting that the medium doesn’t matter.

You are the greatest medium in your company. And, you can tell the greatest story.

What’s your story?

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