You Can’t Get In

Scarcity can be an extremely effective marketing tactic. So can creating a members-only community. I heard about a local restaurant from a friend last night that had me wanting to visit as soon as possible. Why? The first reason is because I can't get in the door. In fact, I couldn't find the door even if I could get in. I need a key. There is no sign marking the entrance. Why pay for signage when only
key holders can open the door.

The key isn't expensive. It only costs $10 a year. But, there's a waiting list for months to get the key. Meanwhile, you can't get in unless you have a friend who happens to have a key.

The second reason is I want to meet the owner. Let's call him Phil.  Phil only serves breakfast. Seven days a week you can use your key to gain entrance and buy breakfast. I don't know if the food is any good because in describing Phil's my friend never once mentioned the quality or quantity of the breakfast.

Instead she talked about the sense of community. She has made friends, connected with some, shared experiences, and kept up with local developments in the community. She has joined a tribe.

People are willing to wait for months to buy a key that allows them to join a tribe – a community. They feel like they are part of something and they begin to connect with each other. My friend loves the experience of being part of a tribe and breakfast is secondary.

How can you use scarcity in your business? Can you create a members-only tribe? Can you have hours of operation that are so scarce people talk about them? Doing less is a tactic. Creating a tribe is another tactic. Phil does both by only serving breakfast and only to members.

By the way, you don't have to buy breakfast to go into Phil's. Coffee is on-the-house and you're welcome to just stop in and connect with your fellow tribe members. If you have a key.

Phil has one rule for membership. No grumpy people. You're either happy when you're in Phil's place or you're out of the club.

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