You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

I was reminded yesterday of a truism that too many people often forget. That, of course, is You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover. Let me explain. I hired a limo company to drive me to a fund raiser in Manhattan yesterday afternoon. I called my usual company and Dave, the owner turned out to be my driver. More often than not, he is my driver so I’ve gotten to know him somewhat from previous trips.

Dave is a middle aged guy and if you saw him on the street you’d say he looks like a police officer or perhaps an ex-college linebacker. (For my friends in other countries, that’s an American football player who likes to hit people). In fact, Dave has coached a youth football league in his hometown for over 17 years. I knew that from previous conversations. And, from a few conversations and how he carries himself, I would say that Dave is a tough guy whose life revolves around his family and sports.

And, he is that guy. But, he’s also so much more. Yesterday, I invited the daughter of a friend, who is headed off to college to study art therapy, to attend the fund raiser.  Michael Israel, the famous portrait artist, who creates his artwork on stage to the sounds of music and more, was the entertainment. More about Michael tomorrow.

During the drive, my young friend Meurcie, who lives on a tree farm and nursery, started talking about her vegetable gardens. I saw Dave’s ears perk up and he entered the conversation. It turns out that the big, tough guy loves to garden. He also loves to make jams, jellies, tomato sauces and more and then can them with his mother and sister. He waxed eloquently about the enjoyment he gets from seeing things grow and then preserving them for his family to eat all year. He has all kinds of recipes he’s created for canning and preserving food. Plus, he just likes to cook and create in the kitchen using his home grown product.

As we were driving back, he made a point of showing us the moon, a crescent sliver, and saying how beautiful it looked. He talked about how he and his wife enjoy going to the theater to watch live actors on stage. It turned out to be a very enjoyable conversation and the two hours drive flew by.

It was a side of Dave I never would have seen nor expected had we not started discussing something other than sports. How often have you judged someone by how they look, or talk, or dress only to find out later you made a big mistake?  How many “books” did you judge by the cover that you never got to know? How might your life have been different if you had?

Remember to look inside the cover of your potential clients and customers. You do that by establishing a relationship (before you ever try and sell anything) and learn to know each other as human beings.

It might make all the difference in not just your business life – but your life.

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