You Deserve to Be Extraordinary

Just showing up is not going to work in this economy. Actually, it hasn’t worked for some time but some people have been able to maintain the status quo which led to them thinking that showing up was going to continue to work. Sorry, but it just isn’t going to from here on out.

Today you need to be extraordinary. You need to hire and retain extraordinary people. Your company, products, and services must be extraordinary.

Take it or leave it isn’t going to work. The customer has many, many choices besides you. Interruption advertising won’t work and neither will manipulative sales or marketing techniques.

You have one choice and that is to be extraordinary.

And, that’s just the beginning. Because you’re only extraordinary if your clients, customers, and prospects think you are.

It is up to you to persuade them.

My hope is that rereading some of these posts might give you a couple of ideas. And, you can always drop me a note. I answer all my emails and I’m willing to help – if I can.

You deserve to be extraordinary.

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