You Don’t Know Jack!

But We Could All Be More Like Him!

Jack is a friend of mine who has spent much of his life doing many good things through good deeds – and yet has never looked for personal recognition. In fact, he has done what he could to focus recognition in the direction of others.

His friends call him Jack. He is also a native of my hometown of East Liverpool, Ohio.

With an undergraduate degree from Princeton and a juris doctorate from the University of Michigan law school, Jack returned to East Liverpool to practice law and raise his family.

Jack was born into a family with significant holdings in newspapers, radio and TV stations and he is one of the single largest landowners in the state of Ohio. He could have taken up golf and spent his days at the country club.  But, he chose to work. And, work he does both as an attorney and as a caretaker for the people of East Liverpool and the surrounding area.

I’m not going to list the charitable activities he has engaged in over the years. It would be a very long list. The truth is that he and his family have done so much more than anyone will ever know. And, he likes it that way.

I will tell you that one of the charities that he is president of gives thousands of dollars a year for college scholarships. And they do it without a single penny of operating cost. Jack has picked up the “tab” for the organization. He has picked up many a “tab” for the community.

So why this story? We all have a chance in our lifetime to help other people, animals, our planet.

Not all of us have access to wealth like Jack but we all can contribute our time and volunteer. We all can give up a Starbucks or two and give the money to something we care about.

We can all be like Jack – all it takes is commitment.

Why not make a commitment right now to not let another week pass without doing something to give back to the world? Join a group to fight hunger, rescue animals or provide shelter for the homeless. There are hundreds of opportunities in your backyard.

I just got involved with an organization by the name of The Acumen Fund. You might want to read about it too.

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