You Need This Book

I have the pleasure of belonging to Seth Godin's members-only tribe. It is an online community for leaders, marketers, and those focused on building communities or creating products and spreading ideas.

Seth's latest book which was officially released today is called "Tribes." I got it yesterday and I read it non-stop. Now, I'm reading it again and highlighting.

If you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a sales or marketing person, or someone who needs to be a leader instead of a manager – you need to read this book.

You can buy it, borrow it, or go to the library. You can peruse it at a bookstore but you're going to want to buy it when you do.

I'm buying three more copies to give to my readers. Subscribe to the Water Cooler Hangout using the Get Email Updates button under my photo. Or, leave a comment to this email and tell me you subscribed using RSS and I'll put everyone's name who does into a hat and draw three winners of the books. I'll need your mailing address to send them to you.

You need this book.

7 thoughts on “You Need This Book”

  1. I met Bob through Seth’s group and I also received (& read) my copy of Tribes yesterday.
    You need to read it, your boss neads to read it!

  2. I met Bob through Seth’s group and I also received (& read) my copy of Tribes yesterday.
    You need to read it, your boss needs to read it! Seth is a master and he packs a lot into a few pages.

  3. I recently became part of a startup company and it appears as though Tribe may be just what I need. I have read Seth’s other books Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside. I wish I would have been introduced to his books a LONG time ago!

  4. seth godin’s marketing mistake

    A couple of months ago I pre-ordered a bunch of marketing books on Amazon. Like the faithful drone I am, I pre-ordered Seth Godin’s upcoming/newly released book titled Tribes. I’m part of a tribe – a Godin follower. I generally…

  5. Yes, please! I would love to win a copy. Am subscribing already via email and find your blog and Seth’s really useful – as well as a regular inspiring pick-me-up! I’m reading the E-Myth at the mo – what’s your opinion on it as a matter of interest?

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