You Oughta Be In Movies – at Least in Pennsylvania

If you lived in a state with the second highest corporate net income tax, would you think of that state as being “business friendly.” Apparently the legislators in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – who have brought the PA taxpayers the latest in illegal activities called BonusGate, think the state has a great business environment.

I beg to differ. I live here and have operated and consulted with businesses across the Commonwealth for over 30 years. It’s never been worse.

If having the second highest net corporate income tax isn’t bad enough to discourage new business, the state engages in a plethora of taxes on (well, you name it), hidden taxes and onerous regulatory reporting that sometimes becomes more than a sole proprietor can deal with. And, so the businesses leave – one-by-one. The only way you can really get a break is to be a large, name employer and then you can get all kinds of tax incentives.

Which is another sad and ironic thing. State and local government will do anything to keep a big name company around because the loss of that big name would be bad for them come election time. Yet, over 50% of all business is small business and yet the politicians don’t care how many of those leave because they think they are invisible to the voters.

According to the PA Secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development, Dennis Yablonsky, “the latest state budget will address infrastructure programs which along with film (movie) tax credits (yeah…there’s a big incentive for the average small business) will give us the short-term impetus we need to create jobs.”

Frankly, I think the average business owner would tell the politicians that there is a direct connection between how much they are taxed and the creation of new jobs.

Me – I’m thinking of going into the movie business.

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