You Say You Want To Join the Revolution

You’re ready to start trying some of the New Marketing ideas but you’re not sure where to start! Here’s a list of just a few things to implement right away. It’s easy to get started and you’ll learn along the way.

1. Blogging – Start a blog and think about having everyone contribute. It’s easy and inexpensive. Let your customers know about it. I like using TypePad but there are other options.
2. Write some articles and put them on an Ezine. There are many options. Google ezine. I use Ezine @rticles.
3. Build a lens on Squidoo. If you don’t know what a lens is then it’s even more important to try it.
4. What about a Forum for your customer and prospect base? Here’s a site to look at There are lots more. Google forum software.
5. Try podcasting. Just Google the name and you can find out how to do it. You’ll need a microphone and not much else.
6. Why not try audio and video messages? You can insert them into you web site, blog, emails, etc.
7. Read my blog post about social networking sites and try a few. Sign up for Digg at the very least.

Give these a try and if you need some help or just have questions, drop me a note.

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