Your Most Loyal Customer

I mentioned in an earlier posting that there is one style of customer who will be your most loyal – if you know how to work with them. I call this type The Achiever. Let me give you a few clues for recognizing the style. The name Achiever describes this person. They are usually high achievers and they tend to be in decision making positions. They are often the big boss. In conversation, they often use the term bottom line.

They usually posses a fairly strong ego and they hate to waste time. They make very quick judgments and decisions. They are busy and don't have time for chit chat – unless it is about them. If you can get them talking about what it took to get to where they are today you might just have a long conversation with them.

They want to know that you are like them. You need to be results oriented and one of the best at what you do. This is one time when the boss of your company may need to be involved. They tend to either like someone 100% or not at all. They have no problem with social disapproval or ruffling feathers if that is the best way to get the job done.

They dress very well with the best clothes and jewelery. They love things that show they are in charge and can afford the best. Their office walls will often display awards and photos of them with important people.

They are also very loyal to their current business relationships so getting them to switch to you can be difficult. However, once they do, they will be your customer for as long as you do as you say and provide them with the services they need. Price is not a big issue for them. Tell them you will handle all the details and make things happen and they will be very happy. Be direct, give them the facts and recognize they will make a decision when they feel they have all the facts. At that point, simply ask them for approval. Don't stall or feel like you need to tell them more.

By now you may have recognized your style in this or one of the previous postings. If you'd like help in learning how one type of style sell to another, drop me a note in the comments section and I'll post it for everyone to learn from.

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