You’re Not a Mistake Because You Made a Mistake

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Human beings hate to realize they’re wrong. They don’t mind being wrong. They just don’t like realizing it. Many of us happily live our lives in ignorance. We do things, say things, and believe things that are wrong all the time. We’re okay with that until (1) someone points out we’re doing it wrong or (2) we get a glimmer ourselves that we are wrong. Think of the feeling you get when you realize you took a wrong turn, or missed an exit and had to drive an extra 20 miles before you could turn around.

Our reaction of anger, defensiveness, shame or frustration is rarely at the fact we were wrong. Our reaction comes from a deep sense of believing or feeling that something is wrong with us because we made a mistake. So we hang onto “being right,” or “feeling right.” We work overtime to change reality to fit our truth, instead of changing our truth to fit the reality.

Being good at sales means realizing that you’re going to BE wrong and make mistakes. It doesn’t mean that because you made a mistake that you are a mistake. Learn the difference. It will change your life when you can realize you’ve erred, and can correct it, fix it, regret it and then move on. Don’t spend your time defending a mistake. Admit it, own it, and let it go.


“Confidence comes, not from always being right, but from never fearing to be wrong.”

The Sunday Doughnut – Redux

Some of you might have missed being able to listen to the interview with Gail Bower that was Sunday’s Doughnut. If you get your Doughnut by email and don’t see a video or audio player you can always click on the link at the top right corner of the email that says, “View in Browser.” It’s my fault for not reminding you of that.

You can listen now or anytime by going to my website where you’ll find all the Doughnuts archived or you can simply click here.

Thank you. Take time to listen when you can as Gail makes some fine points about business in today’s environment.

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